Producer of BLCK Melon:

blck MELON Nicopods The Production by NGP, The same producer of KILLA and PABLO. Contains Nicotine Level at 12mg/g. BLCK MELON Nicopods add the taste of Yellow Melon. The sweetened juicy taste of melon. BLCK Nicopdos is suitable for beginner or intermediate users.


Flavor of BLCK Melon

BLCK Melon Nicotine Pouch is all white sweet and gives a juicy scent with a touch of clean mint. It adds Freshness of Tropical fruits such as sweet Melon also known as Honeydew.


BLCK Melon Nicotine Pouch comes in the strength at 12 mg per gram.

What is The Speciality of BLCK:

BLCK Nicopods are super soft and made of three different types of cellulose. It uses plant based fiber instead of Tobacco Leaf that does not stain the teeth anymore.


E460 cellulose, E501 PH-adjustment, E1520 humectant, Nicotine, Aroma, Water, Preservative.

Product Details on BLCK Melon: